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Our Steel Fence Post Saved Vancouver Washington

When constructing the framework of my fence, should I set my fence posts in cement? A subject directed at us on a relatively consistent basis. Regardless of whether your fencing, trellis, pergola or outdoor patio is going to be installed with a qualified business, or it is a Do it your self weekend undertaking – the answer to this is a resounding yes, especially if you have very loose, sandy soil. Without a properly set concrete footer on every post the fence will eventually sag and fail structurally. A solid foundation is key to anything that you want to last.


There is also the question of should I use a 4 x 4 that has been pressure treated or should I use a galvanized steel post? With over 35 years of building fences we know from experience that you should choose the metal post, specifically the “C” channel post that has a wall thickness of .121 and bending strength of 247 pounds. Since the post is flat on each side where the rails attach, it enabled you to nail boards on both sides without ripping boards at every post. The C channel allows water to escape the post so it won’t freeze inside and split the post.

Why Do We Choose Steel Posts Over Wood Fence Posts?
Weather in the Pacific Northwest can be quite challenging especially for your fence. Vancouver Washington average rainfall is 37 inches of rain per year and in combination to that we also experience strong winds on a regular basis that can average up to 30-40 miles per hour.  Wood posts rot away as time passes and may warp or twist because of rainfall, the wind or intense temperatures. The strength and physical appearance of your wood fence is lost once the wood posts start to rot from exposure. This deterioration damages the post, occasionally to the point where it is unable to hold the fencing up.

By using steel posts, their life span is much greater than wood. They will not rot, warp or split, they are also able to drain the water away from them, which is so destructive to a wood post. Steel posts are easier to install, saving both time and money. We guarantee these posts to withstand winds up to 60 mph for as long as our customer owns their home.

Do I have to sacrifice the look of wood, by using steel posts?
Absolutely not! The Fenceman Fence Company has developed a post cover so you have the beauty of wood but the strength of steel.



If you would like some expert advice please contact The Fenceman Fence Company. We have helped 1000’s of homeowners and businesses make the right choice when it comes to their fencing needs.


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Vancouver Best Fence Builders:
We work together with our customers to determine what is required. We examine the landscape, dimensions, particular goal and desire, and fence material choices. Our objective is to present successful advice while they select the right type of fence installation to accommodate their wants and spending budget.

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